A comparison of malcolm x and martin luther king in their fight for civil rights and racial segregat

Through a step-by-step process, students will acquire the skills to analyze, assess, and develop knowledgeable and well-reasoned viewpoints on primary source materials.

Malcolm as a boy attended meetings of the local UNIA chapter with his father who was a prominent member. The titanic struggle shook the nation and the world, and its reverberations are still felt today.

Malcolm represented the kind of attitude and political perspective of many of young black so-called militants and radicals coming out of urban areas in the north.

It is important for the students to experience the language and nuances of the text as the author meant them to be heard.

King wants the same thing I want—freedom! Both of them saw a need for immediate action in order to secure those rights. The Black schools and facilities were inferior, and Blacks were denied the right to vote. Read the speech aloud to the students. The Only Road to Freedom," and use a document analysis worksheet to facilitate a close reading of the text and track their understanding on both literal and inferential levels.

Malcolm represents that fire, that fight that refuses to let anybody define who we are. TV was young in the United States and King intuitively understood how to use the medium to highlight a non-violent black protest movement against white racist aggression.

Compare and contrast Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

Every student must complete their own organizer in order to fulfil the assignment, even if they are working in groups. So King and Malcolm had that tension," says Cone. Our desire to want to create a society for all people, defined by non-violence, love and care for all people in the society," says Cone.

They had a different kind of attitude. Lesson 3 Overview Dr. King represents our desire to get along with everybody, including whites. Ultimately, though, each was seen as a threat by the American establishment. And he would not desist, even when some of his followers struck back at those who struck them.

King promoted resisting racial discrimination through such actions as lunch-counter sit-ins, bus boycotts, and peaceful marches and demonstrations.

The former was very educated, while the latter was self-taught after what little schooling he had received. Over the course of three lessons the students will compare and contrast the different philosophies and methods espoused by the civil right leaders Dr.

Malcolm in New York in But at the start of the s, the media were constructing a conflict that stirred the civil rights debate: Student understanding of the text will be determined through classroom discussion and the organizers completed by the students.


Malcolm X, history tries to forget. At times those in power were eager to deal with King for fear of having to contend with Malcolm and the forces he represented.

In Washington, King continued his political work with a group of senators sympathetic to his ideas. After a 13 month struggle, the boycott was successful and the buses of Montgomery were integrated. This technique will support struggling readers as well as English language learners ELL. If there was a Martin Luther King Jr.

It was hard for them to swallow this notion of non-violence If the text level is more challenging for them, then share read the excerpts with the students as described in Lesson 1. Please spread the word. However, the police called both events accidents. Rosa Parks, decided to fight back.

Malcolm X Procedure You may choose to have the students do the lesson individually, as partners, or in small groups of no more than 3 or 4 students.

King believed that violence would give the opposition something to use to rally support against the civil rights movement. However, though initially favored by the American government, once King opposed the War in Viet Nam, the government stopped protecting him.

Comparison and Contrast: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X - Essay Example

Martin Luther King, Jr. Inat age 25, he became a Doctor of Divinity and received his first pastorship.Martin Luther King, Sr. was a prominent minister in Atlanta, Georgia. The family lived in the middle class Black section of the largest city in the South.

Everyone here was a professional: a doctor, a lawyer or a teacher, or they owned their own business. Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X Compare And Contrasts Their Speeches Conclusion The two men's messages came across in a different way.

Malcolm X was willing to do whatever was needed to get equality. 1 Comparison and Contrast Outline: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. THESIS: In their effort to improve the lives of African Americans, MLK and Malcolm X employ the rhetoric of innate human rights and shame in their.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X were two individuals who not only helped the African-American plight during the Civil Rights Movement, but served as icons to the history of their race. Name Tutor Course Date Martin Luther King and Malcom X are two of the greatest names in the fight for black equality and opposition of white supremacy; however, they are as different as two men with a common agenda can be.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X had very different beliefs and tangible differences in the actions of their followers in how to achieve equal rights for black Americans. Dr. Martin Luther King was fighting for a color-blind society where people would be judged and valued on their skills and characters rather than the color of their skin.

A comparison of malcolm x and martin luther king in their fight for civil rights and racial segregat
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