A discussion on the problem of the students excuses for missing class

Another thing sorry I am running on about point 5, and I know these are just brainstorming points days is 5 months, so if is going to be accepted, the block log thing should be amended on paper at least to reflect that. P Although if people want to opt-in to the pain, then by all means.

That beats the current system where they own you as soon as they have used the first password. Like you, I use GNU Linux but we both know that it remains in the minority from a user experience perspective. There would be stringent requirements at WP: If the answer to both questions is yes as I suspect then that would be a sound argument in favour of 2PA.

It would also slow down those creating multiples by hand, too. Only downside is that access to such a tool could help sockpuppets to make sure they are properly covering their tracks.

Alternate uses of protection such as against unsourced details etc would not be permitted Nosebagbear talk If nothing else, it needs to be made clear that this will be a fairly rare user-right.

Wikipedia:Village pump (idea lab)

We have over eight thousand users who could review these changes probably less, once activity is taken into accountand somehow all of them have just not looked at Special: Just as if you asked me by email to join in your edit war by proxy, and then when I was blocked, I gave your email to ArbCom.

Cheers for pointing out. The time span was less "filter out bad eggs" and more "let policies fully seep in" - you can gather lots of CV experience and a fairly high hit rate, but I think accuracy still improves over time. I expect this tool if enacted by the community to be used quite often, and if point 6 was the rule, RFPP would be spammed into useless oblivion, requiring a dozen or so "clerks" to sort through them all and try to keep up.

But I digress… If the Special: I keep copies of the two sd cards in multiple locations in multiple countries I have a deal with two other crypto nerds -- they send me their encrypted backups and I send them mine.

Would allow the user more time to help prevent a compromised account in the event the first password is breached. I could also ping users from an edit summary directly, thus avoiding cluttering up a talk page, but that would be harder to audit.

Should also work with the "keep me logged in" day cookies for simplicity and convenience. Sure some reviewers would be willing to do thatbut for them we have Template: First alerts the user when the first password has been breached as opposed to alerting on attempts at the first password.

I believe this right could be more troublesome than rollback error, and thus a higher level of edits should be required. If you are willing to spend the tiem to make a trial bot, I might opt in for a few weeks next spring when I have time.

That seems like a bit of a silly category actually. I originally did write time-in and block-free times the same, but amazingly all the user-rights are like this.

The whole point of this proposal is to reduce the work-load on admins so requirng an RPP is kinda counter-produtive.

It can be somewhat akin to repeatedly pinging someone as a form of harassment. This was on my watchlist this morning, Special: There are other systems to generate that data, so long as that system has your 16 digit code and the current time, then it can work it out.

Remove the link because it contains nothing about the tournament. Four requests took over 12 hours to be answered, the average answered request took over 9 hours to be answered, and there were 10 requests that were still unanswered after over two hours.The idea lab section of the village pump is a place where new ideas or suggestions on general Wikipedia issues can be incubated, for later submission for consensus discussion at Village pump (proposals).Try to be creative and positive when commenting on ideas.

Before creating a new section, please note. Discussions of technical issues. I wonder if “entertainment Church” of the evangelicals is creating a false impression of what Christianity is–you show up for a “rock concert” where some young, flashy people play upbeat music, usually some gorgeous girls, young, attractive men.

A discussion on the problem of the students excuses for missing class
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