An analysis of the november issue of essence magazine

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Chelsi now lives and works in the state capital of Tallahassee. On this cover of Ray Gun he overlays a blurred, almost steamy, image of Beck with strong black typography made all the more bold with the holes of each letter filled in.

Shot from below, the photo enhances the presence of the boy and creates a vanishing point towards the top of the page.

Add a transparent overlay Dwell Sidney Lim has used a transparent overlay with a brushstroke masthead for his cover of Dwell. The glossy lips and the shiny ice cube boost the high-end factor of this cover. It connects the masthead with the image and provides a line for the details of the magazine to be aligned.

The white logo is like a cloud that casts a shadow across the sky as the transparency moves. It centres the background and issue title and sidelines the image.

Get ready for an extreme close-up Fricote, Issue 3 This cover of Fricote features an extreme close up of a red-lipped mouth holding an ice-clad raspberry in its teeth. Create an illusion with a decorative pattern Thursday At first glance this Thursday cover appears to have a decorative gold pattern overlaid on the image.

Three eyes peer out at the potential consumer. The overall look is illusionistic, romantic and sentimental for an issue themed around love. The embroidery gives the cover a sense of texture and three-dimensionality and speaks to theme of the magazine by translating folk art into digital art.

Like the other leading black magazine, EssenceJet routinely deplored racism in mainstream media, especially in the negative depictions of black men and women. Create atmosphere with silhouettes Dallas Observer This cover of Dallas Observer is moody and atmospheric with the silhouette of a man wearing a Native American headdress and shadows cast across his face.

Set an image within a shape Brownbook No. Centre the masthead Pilot, Issue 3 This cover of Pilot, designed by Jase Mildrengives the masthead pride of place in the centre of the cover.

Format: Magazines

Many issues are given coverage to show the African-American community that if they want to reach a goal, they have to be willing to work for it. Use an extra wide frame Spleen This cover of Spleen uses an extra wide frame — or a small picture, depending on which way you want to look at it — to draw attention to the central image.

Consider a different angle Soccer Soccer features a photo of a boy balancing a ball on his head. Add warmth with a colour transparency Esquire This cover of Esquire turns up the heat and sizzles with summer.

This feature includes a photograph of an African-American woman in a swimsuit either one-piece or two-piece, but never nudealong with her name, place of residence, profession, hobbies, and interests.

Design a cover that achieves both of these goals and it will significantly increase the chances of the ultimate goal — a consumer purchase. He overlaid a pencil illustration of lips with letters drawn in lipstick and repeated the pattern four times, each with a different letter.

The purpose of the feature is to promote the beauty of African-American women. And as these striking magazine covers demonstrate, create a design concept that is closely tied to the theme of the magazine issue.

Chelsi had the privilege and honor to serve as a local elected official on the Duval County Soil and Water Conservation District for three years, where she petitioned and advocated on behalf of her community.

Experiment with type Rumor An elongated O in the masthead of this Rumor cover stretches from the top to the bottom of the page looping all the way back up again. Over the next ten years, she aspires to continue serving through the avenues of business, law and politics. Your turn So how do you create a striking magazine cover?

Its ubiquity was enhanced by its continuing coverage of the burgeoning Civil Rights Movement. Although she executed it digitally, the red and turquoise strips look like face paint with colours that match the masthead.

Very simple lines, forms and colours create a bold image and strong statement. The cover photo usually corresponds to the focus of the main story. Project 21, a leading voice of black conservatives for over 25 years, is sponsored by the National Center for Public Policy Research.

All are rendered in sepia tones giving the cover a nostalgic feel while still being distinctly modern and contemporary. Miriam Garcia has created a series of swimmers that effortlessly float across the page.Menu. Page View; Contents View; Advertisers; The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.

— John Locke first in last year’s analysis by The National Jurist magazine of law schools that outper-formed their expected bar-passage rate. She was profiled in the October issue of Seventeen magazine as an “Electionista” promoting the importance of young women and voting and was in the November issue of Glamour magazine advocating for conservative principles.

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Plus, receive digital access and a free gift with your purchase! The page lists out all the English Journal journal issues that are currently available online in PDF format. Hip-Hop/Soul Queen Mary J.

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Blige fronts the cover of ESSENCE magazine’s November issue. In her sitdown with the mag, the nine-time Grammy winner discusses her role in Netflix film, Mudbound.

An analysis of the november issue of essence magazine
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