Appropriation of brand extension

Read the Full Article: The moderating variable is a useful indication to evaluate consumer evaluation of brand extension. Throughout the categorisation theory and associative network theorya consumer has the ability to process information into useful knowledge for them.

Advertising, promotion, and supplemental aspects of integrated marketing communications. Although there are few works about the failure of extensions, literature provides sufficient in-depth research into this issue.

In this scenario, the brand-owner works with a partner sometimes a competitorwho takes on the responsibility of manufacturing and sales of the new products, paying a royalty every time a product is sold.

What is the recipe for a successful brand extension? That, in itself, is a winning business strategy. An-other option is to acquire a firm with a brand name that can provide the platform for future growth via brand extensions.

These emotional connections are generally done through social experiments where brands express their concern and offer Appropriation of brand extension solutions thereby making the brand standout and seem righteous.

Because the effects of negative impact from brand extension are tremendous and permanently. In fact, the percentage of new products that are successful is not at all reassuring.

Why Some Brand Extensions Are Brilliant and Others Are Just Awkward

Sign up Please enter a valid email address Thank you for signing up Privacy Policy The most real and marketable assets of many firms are the brand names they have developed.

The higher the similarity is, the higher perception of fit will be. The more innovation of extension product is, the greater positive fit can perceive.

In this success story, adjusting their brand extensions to fit the perceptions of their brand, logic and leverage converged. AdWeek has published the results of its reader survey evaluating new brand extensions, some of which are largely deemed strange, perhaps even nonsensical and embarrassing.

Brand extensions are all around us.

Even worse, if a brand extension is unsuccessful, it can harm the parent brand. In their model, Aaker and Keller provide a sufficient depth and breadth proposition to examine consumer behaviour and a conceptual framework. Start right here, right now! A water purifier from Virgin, a company known mainly for airlines, was deemed to be too strange and random an extension.

Dove has many successful extensions that could be highlighted. There are many ways companies can extend the popularity and reputation of their brand into new territories. Brand extension evaluations by children and adults", Journal of Consumer Research, 29 1pp.

Though less ingrained in popular culture than other Disney products, this particular extension has been incredibly successful in China.

A Two-Process Contingency Model. A consumer can judge or evaluate the extension product with his or her category memory.

Brand Extension

And even such spending levels do not guarantee success. With more than 12 million readers every month, O, The Oprah Magazine is considered a brand extension success story. Regardless of the actual composition or gentleness of the new products the company was creating, the Clorox brand connoted strong chemical cleanliness to consumers.

Doing so can be enormously profitable, but it can be dangerous, too: It became clear that the company would have trouble marketing new products in areas where the strength and success of its bleach could actually present a problem.

An extension of the television show, the magazine was also its own unique product, focusing on empowering readers to live their best lives. For students pursuing an MBA degree online with the hopes of utilizing their education to build a company or improve a brand, it is essential that you learn to think outside the box.A brand name can fail to help an extension or, worse, can create subtle (or sometimes not so subtle) associations that hurt the extension.

Worse still, the extension can succeed, or at least survive, and damage the original brand by weakening existing associations or adding new, undesirable ones. 1 Consumer Response to Brand Appropriation Johnny Graham Doctoral Student Fox School of Business Temple University Abstract In this paper I explore the contextual consequences of brand appropriation.

Feb 07,  · When done correctly, a brand extension can be a huge hit, with the only complaint among consumers amounting to Why didn’t they do that sooner?

Sometimes, though, the launch of a new product featuring a well-known brand is such a mismatch the reaction is more like What were they thinking?. Brand extensions are all around us. Brand extension or brand stretching is a marketing strategy in which a firm marketing a product with a well-developed image uses the same brand name in a different product category.

Brand extension

The new product is called a spin-off. Organizations use this strategy to increase and leverage brand equity. Appropriation of Brand Extension.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: 'Brand extension is the use (and occasional misuse) of an existing brand name and equity to launch a product or service into a category or market not normally associated with that brand.' (Lury, ). 4 Brand Extensions and Why They Were Successful When brand extensions win over loyal brand consumers with a new product, it is a win with lasting benefits for the brand, including increased revenue and greater name recognition.

Appropriation of brand extension
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