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Gatsby poses his interest to her cousin, Nick Carraway in hopes of getting closer to Daisy. Jay was so obsessed with Diasy because she symbolized wealth to him. From that point on, there was always a disturbance between the two.

Comparing Death of a Salesman to the Great Gatsby

Although the scope of the story is slightly different, they have their similarities somewhere along the story line. Willy ultimately killed himself due to the fact that his uneasy relationships with friends, family, and business partners drove him insane and suicidal.

As the unfaithful couple cheats, they become closer and closer to their lovers, and drift farther apart from their own marriage. Gatsby, differs from Willy in this pursuit in his means of obtaining his goals, however, and decides to attempt to achieve his goals by illegal activities.

Had Willy not been unfaithful, his relationship with his son could have potentially ended up better. The Great Gatsby vs. Willy is unable to achieve his goal, however, due to his stubbornness. Willy implores the two to seek work and do something with their lives.

As Gatsby makes progress towards persuading Daisy, they rekindle and old fire of their past relationship. Both of these works demonstrate the lengths that some people will go to in order to achieve the stereotypical life of a rich, successful and powerful American, which is often referred to as the American dream.

Even with the major differences of character and situation, they both converge to teach an even better aforementioned lesson. Wilson shot Gatsby, directly before shooting himself. When Tom informs George whom he thought was driving the vehicle that killed Myrtle, George sought revenge.

As the situation becomes more serious, secrets begin to emerge. The American dream is unique to each person. The two men also desire different things, where Gatsby seeks the woman of his dreams, whereas Willy looks for wealth and business.

Regardless of social class, wealth, or status, one always has the potential to have a great downfall. This rocky bond between them caused Willy to become depressed and eventually made him lose his ability to work.

In Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman is an aged man who no longer makes an adequate living for his family. Ultimately, the three factors in achieving the American dream are being wealthy, being happy and having a beautiful wife.

He portrays to everyone around him that he is a big shot salesman who is known and liked throughout many of the states. This predictably causes a sense of unrest between the two, as they become more bitter towards each other. Tom and Daisy spend less and less time together, in order to have more time with Gatsby or Myrtle.

In reality though, no business is willing to offer him a job. Do you like it? The books are different in that the problems faced by the protagonists are different, but in the end the two become highly unsatisfied with the course of their lives and makes drastic, illogical decisions.The two texts that this essay will compare and contrast are the novel The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald and the play Death of a Salesman, written by Arthur Miller.

Both works are based around the central topic of ‘the American Dream’ and the unceremonious death of it. Start studying The Great Gatsby v.

Death of a Salesman Analytical Essay Cards.

Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The Great Gatsby is a novel written by Scott Fitzgerald in The novel focuses on the lives of the dominant class of a western capitalistic society and how they are shaped by this lifestyle. On the other hand, Death of a Salesman was written by Arthur Miller in Compare and contrast Jay Gatsby and Willy Loman essaysThe Great Gatsby and Death of a Salesman Comparison Essay In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby is the main character that believes in American Dream.

This characteristic is also identical to the characteristic of Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman be. Jan 01,  · The main difference in the two stories is the contrast in class between the two protagonists. Gatsby, being a wealthy, lavish man living a luxurious life, versus Willy Loman's struggle to put food on the table.

thanks so much. great stuff to help with my essay. The Great Gatsby vs. Death of A Salesman; The Opinion - The. comparison compare contrast essays - Comparison and Contrast in The Great Gatsby. My Account. Comparison and Contrast in The Great Gatsby Essay. Comparison and Contrast in The Great Gatsby Essay - Perversion of Values in The Great Gatsby and Death of a Salesman Throughout History there are many examples of perversions.

Compare contrast essay great gatsby death salesman
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