Difference between b2b and customer buying process essay

Marketing Mix meaning is some of the ideas and plans followed by sales representatives to promote a particular brand or product mixture known as the marketing mix.

Marketing Differences B2c & B2b

Hence, the Dell Company should use the most suitable marketing mix to distribute and promote their servers more efficiently so that they can increase the sales of their servers and gain more profit from it.

In this example, there are a series of transactions that occur for making a single shoe. After analysing the Porter Generic Advantage Strategies, it can be seem that Dell business model was similar to the Porter Generic Advantage Strategies because Dell came up with the cost leadership strategies, where removing all the intermediaries and keeping the cost at minimal and taking advantage of the market as well as exploiting the technology system of their production line, etc.

Rational divide the market on the basis of age is on the demands of the people and wants to change with age. This all depends on the structure of the company. Business-to-Consumer B2C Marketing Business-to-Business B2B Marketing Market Structure and Demand — contain more but smaller buyers — more elastic demand — affected more by price changes — contain fewer but larger buyers — more inelastic demand — not affected as much by price changes Types of Decisions and the Decision Process — buying decision process is more simple — buying decision process is more complex Table 1: However, due to the geographical differences, it is very important and significance to segment the global servers market geographically.

Although B2C and B2B are different, they share a common factor, which is the identification of who is the customer. This will help Dell Company increase their customer and sales in business market because promotion will attract more consumers to buy their server and product to gain a large amount of profits.

First of all the merchants will acquire raw material from the suppliers, after that cutting and machining is done, which is followed the making of the shoe and finally the finishing is performed on it.

Business to Consumers B2C marketing is consumer take a time to think on the product weather is it worth to buy, the product quality good enough for the price and should need this product.

As explained above, the selling and buying process in a B2B company can be described as a multi-step buying process, which are sales with a longer cycle, while B2C companies have a single step buying process, which means that sales cycles are shorter.

For example if a sum of consumers decide to became vegetarians or vegans the restaurateur will have to increase supplies of soya ,vegetables and so on to satisfy his customers, and most probably decrease in meat supply.

The final task is about the explanation of the market segmentation strategies used by the Dell Company for their server. More essays like this: In addition, the proposal must include product specification, price, delivery period, payment terms, taxes of experts and duties applicable, transportation cost, cost of transit insurance and any other relevant cost or free service provided your article library, For Dell Company, they must also request for the detailed written proposals or the formal presentations from each of the qualified supplier so that they can analyse all of the proposals and choose one or two suppliers that are the most suitable to them for the produce their servers.

In some ways, business markets are similar to consumer markets,this is because both involve people who assume buying roles and make purchase decisions to satisfy needs. Moreover, B2B sites targets small markets while B2C sites has its sights in a more large target market.

Yet, the characteristics for these two kinds of markets are totally different.

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One enterprise might be determining to run its business within one or a few specific areas or to carry out its business all over the country and even the world but in terms of consumer demand will undoubtedly noticed regional differences.

The different between the cost and the differentiation focus are that cost focus aims at the differences in the cost behaviour of a consumer where as the differentiation focus aims at the special need of the consumer in the market.

If they have achieve this then there will be above the average performer in the industry. Regarding B2C, these sites are product driven, meaning that marketing professionals put emphasis in strategy to offer and sell a product to the customer.

Difference Between B2B and Customer Buying Process Essay Sample

Besides that, compare with business to business B2B marketing, business-to-consumer B2C marketing are totally different because there are a lot of buyers in the business-to-consumer B2C marketing, but all of them would just purchase a small amount of products from the companies.

Even in large business markets, a few buyers often account for most of the purchasing.

Difference Between B2B and B2C

So Dell company does the same, Dell company will also implement their own marketing mix on their own servers and products to promote and sell to other company in business market. Therefore, Dell can start to make purchase from the supplier.

The both focus strategy relies on different segments of the market or targeting new segment.Marketing Differences B2C and B2B Sites The Internet has changed the way marketing professionals implement new ideas to promote and sell products.

The challenge nowadays is centered towards tendencies and trends /5(1). From the analysis above, it demonstrates a number of key differences between the B2B and B2C buying characteristics, which are summarised in the.

Difference between B2C and B2B Define of B2B Business to Business (B2B) marketing involves the exchanges of goods and services that businesses purchase for purposes other than general consumption. Of course in consumer markets the focus of the marketer is upon the customer as a purchaser who is the consumer, or who will give the product.

The main differences which may result from a business market to a customer market are in the market structure,demand, the nature of the buying unit, the types of decisions and the decision process involved.

Types of Decisions and the Decision Process. The difference buying decision process between business to business (B2B) marketing and business to consumer (B2C) marketing is business to business (B2B) marketing are more complex and complicated compared to the business to consumer (B2B) marketing.

B2B marketing requires that all parts of the business be customer-oriented and that all marketing decisions are based on a complete and .

Difference between b2b and customer buying process essay
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