Electrically conductive concrete

Both methods for making conductive concrete and a composition of the conductive concrete are patented. The colour of conductive concrete is a darker grey, reflecting its carbon content. Both de-icing and radiant heating uses will require appropriate changes to the Canadian electrical code before commercial use in public areas becomes established.

Conductive concrete grounding uses include creation of equipotential floors in such disparate applications as dairy barns, where small voltage differences can reduce production, through to electronics fabrication and handling areas, where the potential for costly damage to high-value semi-conductors and associated equipment caused by static charges can be high.

The method is particularly suited to the large-scale commercial production of conductive concrete, using industrial scale mixers. For further information concerning conductive concrete, please contact Mr. Market applications This innovation can be used to develop effective concrete products for applications spanning electromagnetic shielding, anti-static flooring, corrosion protection of steel reinforcements, heating and radiant indoor heating.

Conductive concrete itself is the heating element, and thus is able to generate the heat more uniformly throughout the heated structure.

Furthermore, the production method is especially suitable for large-scale commercial production. Grounding is required for virtually every electrical installation.

These include communications, and electrical transmission towers, as well as electrical transformer locations.

For example, conductive concrete is useful for electromagnetic shielding. This innovation offers a unique combination of high mechanical strength and conductivity.

Benefits The method and conductive concrete composition in this particular innovation offer a unique combination of conductivity and high mechanical strength. However, specific applications drive the need for conductive properties in concrete.

The surface area has been kept continuously dry and free of snow over the course of most of an Ottawa winter, successfully melting over 3.

The possibility also exists for using conductive concrete as an indoor radiant heat option.

Electrically Conductive Concrete: Properties and Potential

Conductive concrete is chemically compatible with normal concrete, bonding well with it if used as an overlay. With its excellent structural engineering properties, conductive concrete is also a good candidate for grounding in a variety of utility uses.

Unlike other conductive concrete compositions that represent a compromise between high mechanical strength and conductivity, the method and mixture in this innovation offers a conductive concrete composition combining good mechanical strength and high electrical conductivity, suitable for commercial large-scale application.

This Electrically Conductive Concrete Melts Snow Without Chemicals

Conductive concrete composition Highlights Conventional concrete is a good electrical insulator. Technology transfer This technology is available for licensing, or for further development through a collaborative research agreement with NRC.

Applications Conductive concrete has the potential to address a wide variety of applications, including grounding, heating, cathodic protection of reinforcing steel in concrete structures such as bridges and parking garages, and electromagnetic shielding.

Several of these promising Electrically conductive concrete are described more fully below. How it works Conventional concrete, consisting of hydrated Portland cement with silica sand as fine aggregate and limestone, stone or other coarse aggregate, is a good electrical insulator.

The mixing process can be controlled, permitting design of mix formulations that are reliably repeatable, and achieve electrical resistivity values within the overall target design range. Furthermore, the innovative production method described is suitable for large-scale commercial production.

It is often required in the design and construction of facilities and equipment to protect electrical systems or electronic components from the unwanted electromagnetic energy.

Characteristics While the engineering properties and mixing characteristics of conductive concrete and normal concrete are comparable, conductive concrete does have other distinctive characteristics beyond its ability to conduct electricity.

Other applications include anti-static flooring in the electronic instrumentation industry and in hospitals, and corrosion protection of steel reinforcement in concrete structures.Electrically conductive cement-based materials are useful for electrical grounding, lightning protection, resistance heating, static charge dissipation, electromagnetic interference (EMI.

The conductive concrete, developed by researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, is for the most part the same as regular concrete, but 20 percent of its ingredients aren't exactly standard: steel shavings and carbon particles, which give the mix enough conductivity that it can melt ice and snow while remaining safe to the touch.

Thermally and Electrically Conductive Materials for LightingHigh Performance-Silicone · Thermal management · Optical Stability · Heat Dissipation. Abstract: Conductive concrete is a cement-based composite that contains electronically conductive components to attain stable and relatively high conductivity.

Potential applications include electrical heating for de-icing of parking garages, sidewalks, driveways, highway bridges, and airport runways, as well as electrical grounding. Electrically Conductive Concrete Michelle Ho University of Houston Cullen College of Engineering [email protected] Over the years varying degrees of success have attended efforts to design concrete mixes capable of conducting electricity for various applications such as grounding, protecting against lightning, eliminating static electricity, environmental heating, and radio frequency interference screening.


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Electrically conductive concrete
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