Essay on police in service of society

Role of police in society Essay

In a meeting on January 17, of senior police officers with school children in Ludhiana Punjab under the programme of "catch them young" to refurbish police image and create a close understanding with the public, the police officers were at a loss to answer quite a few embarrassing questions and explain their conduct in dealing with the day-to-day problems of the society.

This is because of the new role expected of the police, their increasing work-load, and the increasing corruption in the police system. How to cite this page Choose cite format: The Ruling elites in any party rely for the security of their tenures on the actions of the secret police by instilling fear in the minds of people.

The officers will be entitled to specialized training to prepare them for specific jobs in the department.

Notes on the Role of Police in Society

Upon completing the training, the new recruit police officer will begin his or her field training. Why do the police close their eyes to the crimes of sons and daughters of VIPs?

Dealing with criminals and placing themselves in harms way on a day to day basis is indeed, an admirable calling. To achieve this, the community requires both swift police response to crime and disorder, in addition to crime prevention and problem solving utilizing the latest technologies.

These questions not only made the officers realise that it was much easier to extort a confession than to answer straight questions, but also the fact that even small children had such a bad impression of the police and harboured many prejudices against them.

Bonds of trust between all officers and the community in all aspects need to be established through continued and creative police outreach Freeman, Some police officers too like N. They are to decide when and how to act when presented with violations of the law.

Why do the cops not pay for the fruit and vegetables they buy, or for the rickshaw and the state transport buses they board? Issues of age, height and weight, physical agility and strength, and education should be taken into account.

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The entire Police Department, encompassing every sworn officer as well as civilian member, and all associated City officials, suppliers, vendors, and other stakeholders in its mission, should focus their full on-duty attention to meeting and satisfying the safety and security needs of Metropolis urban city.

Police Influence on Society Policing has come along way the In the United States. Resources such has vehicles, radios, and computers have made policing much more efficient. Resources such has vehicles, radios, and computers have made policing much more efficient. Police Influence on Society Essay Words | 4 Pages.

Essay on police in service of society

Running Head: POLICE INFLUENCE ON SOCIETY Police Influence on Society CJA/ Historically, this nation of the United States has proven many times over its dominance over those who are different to those in power. Rosenbaum ed Must be used reconcile law criminal police where such Countries play a day to work und.

- This report will be on the Police service. It will explain who the police are and their role and function within the Criminal Justice System and society.

Police in Society Essay

In addition, it will talk about police misconduct and the results of police misconduct within the police, government and society.

Essay on police in service of society
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