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Something that seems unimportant or foolish to one person could be extremely valuable to another person. Both take place in ordered villages in a future after worldwide destruction, and both revolve around children who, given the task of preserving cultural memories, discover the secrets upon which their society is built.

Also, their unusually kind treatment hides many mysteries. During their early years together, the Lowries lived in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Florida.

They will be yearning to read the next two books in the quartet. Kira recognizes every tyke she sees, and watches as they play-fight and run from each other. Do you like reading several books that fit together to tell a bigger story?

Today we will be focusing on Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, which is her follow-up to The Giver, a popular modern classic that I know many of you loved. They want her banished from the village. Just as an artist will continually revisit the same themes and ideas, an important lesson will be retold in multiple ways - and still retain its value.

He tells Kira that her cott, or house, has been burnt. Add your rating See all 46 kid reviews.

Gathering Blue

She followed The Givera dystopian fable, with three loosely connected sequels: Besides the tutorial, it lists the materials needed and has pictures for easier understanding.

Kira cries—she has never experienced death before, and loved her mother very much. Does Kira now value different things than she valued at the beginning of the book?

Different people value different things. What is the nature of her talent that so interests the Council? Matt answers that it was Vandara, and Kira is unsurprised. Maybe the person did you a favor, gave you something you needed, made you laugh, or just gave you some good advice.

Families bring the dead and the wounded to die in a place called the Field of the Living. As a girl, Lowry spent two years in Japan, where she attended junior high school. Kira, born with a bad leg in a harsh society that shuns imperfections, is left an orphan when her mother suddenly dies of a mysterious illness.

These ages seem to correspond roughly to young children, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Nevertheless, she will find a way to survive. Active Themes Kira thinks about the death rituals she has seen other families go through.

Matt speaks in the strange Fen dialect that causes most people in the village to look down on people from the Fen.

Gathering Blue Questions and Answers

The importance of the lesson remains the same despite the change in the story surrounding it; and yet it is that change in the story, in its setting and characters, that keeps the lesson fresh.The Gathering Blue Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.

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evil is a widely explored theme in Isobelle Carmody's novel 'The Gathering'. It is most evident in the battle between the Chain and the Kraken, however the more sinister, subtler acts of evil occur when he attempts to make each member vulnerable by breaching their weaknesses.

Gathering Blue, the second in the Giver quartet by Lois Lowry, follows the story of Kira, an orphaned girl. In a world where physical differences are shunned and the bearers cast out, Kira finds herself alone and vulnerable when her mother suddenly dies/5(K).

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Gathering Blue is a tale of two teenagers both blessed and cursed with the skills necessary to care for these objects, and their gifts will lead them to discover some unpleasant truths about the Guardians and their society as a whole.

Gathering Blue: The Giver, Book 2

This novel Study is 80 pages in length and packed with printable assignments including: comprehension questions, visual interpretations, vocabulary and crosswords, character webs, motif, and more.

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Gathering blue response to literature
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