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Thesis statement Central idea of essay While computerisation might cause unemployment in the short run, in the long term it creates more job than it eliminates. We will try and fit these ideas in our essay if needed. Next paragraph will be about how it has created more jobs in the long run.

Half the job is done. You may write in support of the topic and generate powerful arguments for the same as well. And there are many other ways this essay can be attempted. Once computerization of tasks is finished, any establishment would require a maintenance team, only to maintain and run those computers!

It is already stated. It has led to more efficient allocation of resources. If you have read our previous post on essay writing, you must be aware of the broad steps in writing an essay.

Computerization, in itself, is an employment generating.

Three effective measures to eradicate illiteracy in India. Second, more companies enter industries where productivity is relatively high, generating employment in those industries.

And last paragraph will be a caution — Beware of AI. It is only by surpassing our inventions we can continue to maintain our relevance in the world. Now, workers are able to find jobs that are more enriching.

Efficient production increases income and with it, demand for other goods. Explain how the measures suggested by you will be effective. Looking at the pace of technological revolution, higher education and skill development needs to be made more inclusive and more flexible to present demands.

But, in the long run it has created more jobs than it has destroyed.

NABARD Handout Solution- Essay

It has allowed them to achieve further technological progress. Computer in itself, is an industry Sub thesis 3: Replacing workers by computers increases efficiency of production, which reduces the price of produced good.

Interpreting the topic It is often said that computerization results in unemployment. Interestingly, it has incentivised labour force to acquire complex skills and attain higher education.

Evolving further, it has enriched the job market in ways unimaginable. In this way, computerization caused short term unemployment. Gains made from higher productivity led to more jobs Sub thesis 2: Growth in computerization has generated several new opportunities.

Further, it has brought a beneficial transition in skill of the workforce. Gradually, computers substituted for a number of jobs, including the functions of bookkeepers, cashiers and telephone operators. We will write one paragraph on how it has caused unemployment in the short run.

Further, increase in demand for computers fares well for computer manufacturing industry, which employs a major chunk of highly educated workforce. Brief outline First let us brainstorm whatever we know about the topic. First, as a substitute for manual labour, it requires workers to reallocate their labour supply to more creative and highly skilled jobs.

Hence, computerization has two competing effects on employment. It was a general purpose device that that could be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. The tasks computers are able to perform ultimately depend upon the ability of a programmer, software developers, engineers etc.

Please note that this is only a sample answer. And with education, the workforce has been able to rise up to the challenge.

It is human tendency to find problem in existing systems and strive to solve it by inventing new systems, tools and methods.Jun 07,  · NABARD Handout Solution- Essay. It is often said that computerization results in unemployment.

Do you agree? It is human tendency to find problem in existing systems and strive to solve it by inventing new systems, tools and methods.

One such innovation was made in early 19 th century, known as “Computer”. It was a. Paper 3 Problem/Solution Essay Due dates: Maps: 8/12, Will you propose a compromise solution or new way of seeing the problem, or will you attempt to persuade one side that the other is right?

your MLA handout, 10 sheets of blank lined paper stapled together, or a blank Blue Book, pens or pencils. Handout for Problem-Solution Essay OUTLINE Tentative Title_____ I. Introduction Tentative Thesis Statement: II. Background of Problem A. History of Problem B. Evaluate why it is a problem III.

Solution One A. Feasibility of Possible Solution B. Evaluate why it may help solve problem IV. Problem/Solutionhandout 1 Problem/Solution Paper Johnson County Community College Writing Center.

Writing the Problem/Solution Essay. I. Whatis the problem or issue to be solved? In this problem and solution worksheet, students read a 5 paragraph problem and solution essay and then respond to 3 short answer questions regarding the piece.

Get Free Access See Review Learn the Steps to Clear Essay Writing! The handouts/tutorials for the types of essays feature general guide-lines to help you write solid essays, but they should be treated only as supplements to your instructor and the assignment sheet.

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