Hard work vs talent

As for a gifted performer, his or her ceiling is believed to be higher. Of course, it is not impossible for a person with normal intelligence to learn to develop a certain attribute or accomplish an activity with sufficient and regular practice.

I also believe tenacity itself is a form of natural talent. They may have other interests that they care more about. He has no natural talent that other ninja students posses, but he makes up for it with his tenacity.

Click here to read his essay. Sign up for our free, weekly podcast of featured essays. Having the consistent ability to work hard towards a certain goal, despite all the difficulties, is considered a natural gift.

The more smarts you have, the higher your performance. You can read more parenting tips on her blog: ONE Talent is a gift.

The two lines refer to different levels of deliberate practice. Most times we tend to forget about the process and the journey of getting there.

Talent vs. Hard Work

Hard work allows for more success. Passion makes us strive for excellence. For example, you might find it easy to play a musical instrument or perform in a certain sport, but other people cannot just get these things right, causing them to quit.

I told you might not like the news. Elizabeth Wickham We all have seen the naturally gifted kids at the pool. The best scenario is a combination of talent and desire. Stay focused on the task at hand.I can't answer that directly. But i could tell you one thing.

When your hard work is so extreme that it has created a monster of the talent that you have practiced for, then no natural talent ever in the world could even try of coming near to your level of abilities!!!.

Gyri: killarney10mile.com Viyasan, what do you think is the most important, hard work or talent? Or what is more useful?

The Problem With Favoring Natural Talent Over Hard Work

Viyasan: killarney10mile.com's an interesting question, because I think they both play a role in whatever task that you're doing, but personally, I think that hard work is more important than talent.

Hard Work More Important Than Talent.

Hard work vs Talent

Yes, hard work is more important than talent as talent will only carry one so far. If one is not willing to put in the work to harvest and cultivate their talent, then the talent itself is essentially useless.

Hard work is a form of natural talent. Tenacity, itself, is believed to be a form of natural talent and is not something that every person is capable of.

4 Parent Tips About Hard Work Vs. Talent

Having the consistent ability to work hard towards a certain goal, despite all the difficulties, is considered a natural gift. The Debate: Hard Work V.S Talent Posted on June 29, by Jay Colby For many years, the topic of talent versus hard work is a common issue.

The ability to work hard, consistently, is a talent. Call it “mental toughness” or whatever, but it’s just as much a “talent” and a “gift” as feel for the water or number of fast.

Hard work vs talent
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