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Therefore, the development of the transcontinental railroad was the most devastating technological development that affected the Plains Indians because the main source of food supply was shorted, and they were moved off their land for agricultural, transcontinental land, and gold mining. Although the railroad was powerful and helpful to the white man, it was not for the Plains Indians.

A lot of wars happened over this issue, and over the issue of gold being on their land. The white man killed the buffalo in large amount of numbers that they almost made them go instinct, and they hurt the Plains Indians huge. The development of the transcontinental railroad was the most devastating technological development that affected the Plains Indians.

These intrusions by the white men had caused spoilage of the Plains Indians buffalo hunting styles, damaged their social and cultural lives, and hurt their overall lives. The government was successfully able to turn the Plains Indians to agricultural based, thus, they begun assimilating the Plains Indians into their culture.

Afterwards, they were able to live peacefully, and to follow their traditions and customs, but when the white men found out the land they were on were still good for agricultural, or even for railroad land they took it back. Although the Plains Indians did kill the buffalo for their food and furs, their hunting did not have a large impact on the buffalo population.

They found that as a sport, and even to use it to harm the Plains Indians.

AP United States History

This prospect to expand westward caused the government to become thoroughly involved in the lives of the Plains Indians. Also, the transcontinental railroad went through the land that the Plains Indians lived on. With the white man moving westward they found valuable land for agricultural, which to be the Plains Indians land, and they found a lot of gold mines.

Congress enforced the Dawes Severalty Act inwhich divided the Plains Indians reservations into small farms. The transcontinental railroad was the reason why the westward movement of the white man happened so quickly.

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Thus, the white man movement westward quickly begun. They were forced to move into smaller areas that were designated by the government. The lives of the Plains Indians in the second half of the nineteenth century were greatly affected by the technological development and government actions.

At that time the buffalo was a main source of food, fur, and a hunting lifestyle for the Plains Indians and by the white man killing it off it effectively hurt them.

Indian FRQ for AP US History

During the time of the building of the transcontinental railroad a lot of white man killed the buffalo.Explore timing and format for the AP United States History Exam, and review sample questions, scoring guidelines, and sample student responses.

AP United States History Exam Sample Responses - The. They allowed Washington to retreat with what was left of his troops. This battle marked the beginning of the French and Indian War. In that same year, colonists called for an intercolonial congress—a meeting of representatives of all British colonies and six allied Native American nations to develop a plan to defend their land from the French.

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Indian frq for ap us history
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