Measure twice cut once

measure twice and cut once

The Administrative Assistant in HR was the only one who was allowed to order cards as a result of this mistake. He faxed me his acceptance letter, and I went to share the news with the hiring manager.

How did this mistake really happen? Not an investment partner. The following story shows the importance of clarity and consistency in all our HR practices: Take the extra time to proofread documents and emails, as well as to double-check your own perceptions and understanding of what is said and meant.

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The hiring manager wanted to hire a Creative Director. And it was worth its weight in gold.

What’s the FIRST thing you need to do before fund raising? — “Measure Twice, Cut Once”

I had only met each of them one time, but they had similar names. I turned beat red and thought my life would be over. Cut the wood improperly, and the piece is unusable.

A committee interviewed the candidates, and everyone liked the one with the last name Williams, but our CEO liked the other one whose first name was William.

Every fund has partners who are on a few boards but not yet crazy busy and are more available than others. When I asked her what was so funny, she showed me an I-9 from one of the employees in the plant.

He told me to rescind the offer. In others, it was trying to rush to meet a deadline or to catch up. Clearly, being extremely busy often makes us overlook important details. It took some time we had employeesand towards the end I heard my assistant laughing. You may be able to include them, you may not, but best to have a few on your list.

Hopefully the following ones might make you think twice literally. That is until they saw her business card. Unfortunately, the PM never submitted any paperwork for the new hire, so the person never got paid. He started laughing and said how glad he was I that I went ahead and offered the job to the person we all wanted, but he said I was going to have to break the news to the CEO.

Sometimes we try to take short cuts or to rush in order to get our work done by a deadline that is either self-set or set by others. Their questions could get answered immediately without me having to go ask the hiring manager and then call the candidate back.

Measure twice, cut once...

With HR, despite what the old saying implies, it is always better to take the time to "ask permission first," rather than "beg for forgiveness " later.Aug 19,  · I didn’t, and I pretty much wasted a whole board.

Had to share, because doing so makes the lesson sink in for me. The board I ripped into strips a full 1/2” too narrow will get used elsewhere, but I knew it was time to turn off the lights for the night and wait until I am fresh tomorrow. Measure Twice, Cut Once: Simple Steps to Measure, Scale, Draw and Make the Perfect Cut-Every Time.

(Popular Woodworking) [Jim Tolpin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The First Book a Woodworker Needs! Professional woodworker Jim Tolpin offers solid instruction on the principles of measurement and proportion/5(51). Measure Twice Cut Once. Meaning: Double check before you take action.

Background: Early Reference: Alwaies measure manie, before you cut anie Anglo Italian John Florio (–) - also known as Giovanni Florio - was a linguist and language tutor at the Court of James I.

measure twice, cut once

measure twice, cut once unknown Proverb 1) (Literally, carpentry) One should always double check one's measurements before cutting materials to minimize the chance of mistakes thus wasting materials, time and money.

measure twice, cut once An axiom that encourages careful first steps in order to avoid extra work later on. I have to go back to the store because I cut the wrong size out of my last piece of material.

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Lessons from a Master Carpenter [Norm Abram] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Norm Abram is America's most famous master carpenter, appearing in The New /5(43).

Measure twice cut once
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