My contribution to the colonization of mars for human use in the future

Not saying they will succeed, but they are clearly farther ahead than anyone else. By the mids, I believe we can send humans to orbit Mars and return them safely to Earth. Stated dates were for a launch sometime between and However, it is hard to see how human missions costing hundreds of billions of dollars to Mars will benefit humanity.

During its first three years in space, the NASA telescope took spectacular images of space, but it still had some flaws. There may come a day when, after generations of terraforming and numerous waves of colonists, that Mars will begin to have a viable economy as well.

A major economic problem is the enormous up-front investment required to establish the colony and perhaps also terraform the planet. The power of science fiction lies in showing people insights about exploration and its potential. ITS spaceships could begin flying to Mars about 10 years from now, if everything goes well, Musk added.

This could take the form of mineral deposits being discovered and then sent back to Earth for sale. Home news Mars One plans to establish human settlement on Mars in Mars One plans to establish human settlement on Mars in No return ticket June 3, Mars colony in credit: ITS launch vehicle[ edit ] Main article: This is a vision of a possible hopeful future that could already have come to pass if the human race had committed to it - it is still a source of hope for the future.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. For starters, Mars and Earth have very similar lengths of days. However, there will always be minor conflicts between colonists, especially if the non-appropriation principle is to hold along with colonization, as no nation or organization will be able to exercise complete control over their exclusive economic zone.

What is generally less publicized are the potential uses of space beyond simply landing men on another planet. National Geographic Channel For instance, if there is currently any life on Mars or life that could be revivedthis would present an undeniable ethical dilemma for human colonists — especially if this life is related to life on Earth.

Revenues from broadcasting would help fund the program. But of course, it is not the "travel" part of the equation that is the most important. The fastest way to make a millionaire is to get a billionaire interested in spaceflight.

These robotic systems also have a reduced cost compared with early crewed operations, and have less political risk. This methane could be vented into the atmosphere where it would act to compound the greenhouse effect.

While it would facilitate going to Mars, it would facilitate returning to the Moon even more in the early stages. Dinosaurs are a classic example: And whereas this has been unintentional on Earth, on Mars it could be re-purposed to deliberately warm the environment.

Space Colonization

Luckily for Mars lovers, another mission was launched a decade later to come back to us with clearer versions of Mars, images showing huge volcanoes, Dry rivers, and large trenches stretching thousands of kilometers.

In this novel, explorers travel to Mars — locations including Mt. It is easier to create a protective magnetic field. The potential costs, financial and political, of ignoring this issue of sovereignty in space are too high to allow these mission plans to develop much further.

They could also establish a limited plot of land where they may claim exclusive economic rights and conduct science. By building a series of tunnels that connect between subterranean habitats, settlers could forgo the need for oxygen tanks and pressure suits when they are away from home.

SpaceX's Mars Colony Plan: How Elon Musk Plans to Build a Million-Person Martian City

On top of that, scientists will need to tackle certain ethical questions related to how terraforming could impact Mars.

Netherlands-based Mars One hopes to establish the first human settlement on Mars in In Septemberduring the International Astronautical CongressMusk revealed further details of his plan, which included the design for an Interplanetary Transport System ITS and estimated costs. And once transportation issues are worked out, savvy investors are likely to start buying up land.

This architecture simplifies the entry, descent and landing procedures, which are known to be very risky, thanks to a significant reduction of the size of the landing vehicles.

Human mission to Mars

And Red Colony is a great resource of articles about colonizing Mars. The pregnant woman and child would most likely need additional nutrition from the rations aboard, as well as special treatment and care.

How Do We Colonize Mars?

Another proposed solution is building habitats underground. Robots create Mars colony habitation credit:Netherlands-based Mars One hopes to establish the first human settlement on Mars in It has created a technical plan for this ambitious mission that is “as simple as possible” and says it has identified potential suppliers, such as SpaceX, for every component of the mission.

Mar 06,  · Michio Kaku - Future of Humanity & Colonization of Mars March 5, Artist's impression of how Mars colonists might look after thousands of years of life on the red Ventura "The future of humanity is fundamentally going to bifurcate along one of two.

Mars is the focus of much scientific study about possible human colonization. Mars' surface conditions and past presence of water make it arguably the most hospitable planet in the Solar System besides Earth.

impact!). Some have also suggested that the colonization of Mars may be a solution to the global exponential population explosion on our planet! The Future is Mars 3 articles discuss why explore Mars with humans and Section V. Psychology, Stress, Behavioral Health of Astronauts & Crew: The human mission to Mars involves human factors.

In the opinion of many science fiction writers, it may help human colonization of Mars to escape the problems of our species on Earth. Tom Lijon, often published in the journal Science Fiction and Fact, It has many dangers, but it does not contain vandals, earthquakes, terrorists, or even wars.

My contribution to the colonization of mars for human use in the future
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