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Appendix 4 Documentation Patient identification sticker should be placed in the box provided and the date written clearly on the top of the chart. Ward induction for nurses in all areas Acute Illness Management AIM Early recognition of patient deterioration in service training programme.

Intravenous Fluids For IV fluids, the amount infused each hour should be documented. Indication for fluid chart This should be documented on the front of the chart in the box provided.

For patients with fluid imbalances i. This should be done on an hourly basis and is NOT to be done in advance as inaccurate information can be recorded if infusion rates are changed. Output All fluid that leaves that patients body, including; - Urine using an urometer or measured in a calibrated jug, avoiding toilet paper in urine.

Hydration and Fluid Balance Monitoring in Adult Patients

If the fluid balance starts or finishes at a specific time other than midnight, draw a line through the unused columns.

Cups mls, Jugs 1 litre. For patients where overall fluid intake and output is being monitored fluid balance should be calculated 12hrly highlighted by the yellow shaded areas on the fluid chart.

The completion of an accurate fluid management chart relies on accurate documentation of fluid input and output. The NMC code of conduct states that clear and accurate documentation must be kept which includes the use of fluid balance charts.

Health care support workers during physiological observation training The critical care outreach team CCOT can provide additional training and updates on request, in all ward areas Equipment Fluid balance chart, escalation trigger included on the fluid and EWSS chart.

All nursing staff are responsible for documentation of fluid input and output with the nurse in charge of the shift being ultimately responsible. Complete the running total column.

Fluid boluses given should also be recorded as the volume of fluid given at the correct time. This should be repeated weekly if the patient still requires fluid balance monitoring. Escalation If the patients urine output is less than 0. Previous 24 hours fluid Balance This should be documented on the front of the chart in the box provided.

Cup volumes are shown on charts available on the wards - Intravenous fluids. The daily fluid balance amount must be entered clearly at the end of the 12 and 24 hour period, highlighted in yellow and signed by a registered nurse.

The ideations for fluid balance chart box on the back of the chart can be used as a guide. Weight Body weight is also a useful guide to fluid balance. The hourly rate set on the pump should be recorded. Weight can be estimated if the patient is not able to be weighed.A range of Powerpoints covering the Unit 13 Fluid Balance unit.

A range of Powerpoints covering the Unit 13 Fluid Balance unit. Resources. Topical and themed; Pre-K and Kindergarten; Elementary; Here are all my resources for delivering the barriers to accessing health and social care which I used to deliver this part of Component 2, Outcome 5/5(9).

Unit 13 Fluid Balance: Assignment 1 Resubmission D1 Analyse the role of the phospholipid bilayer in terms of the movement of materials in and out of cells: The phospholipid bilayer has two layers of phospholipid molecules, which form a barrier around the contents of a cell.

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Hydration and Fluid Balance Monitoring in Adult Patients 1. Indications; 2. Clinical Management poor documentation on fluid balance charts and a lack of education and knowledge among health professionals. Western health and social care trust.

(). Policy for recording of fluid balance intake - output.  UNIT 02 LO1- P1 + M1 explain the concepts of equality, diversity and rights in relation to health and social killarney10mile.comTY.

The key ideas of equality is to ‘create a fairer society’, where everyone can participate and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential’.

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P1 fluid balance health and social
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