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These parents are responsive but not demanding. Although it seems they used proper investigative techniques all of the conclusions seem to lean towards their endorsement of authoritative parenting.

That is, does your child feel that they can speak to you about anything without fear of negative consequence or harsh judgment?

Types of Parenting Styles and How to Identify Yours

Neglectful parenting is damaging to children, because they have no trust foundation with their parents from which to explore the world. They take the information gathered through parenting practice questionnaires given to African American female caregivers with preschool children, ages 3 to 6.

The negatives, however, outweigh this benefit. Authoritarian Parenting emphasizes on control through strict discipline and obedience. In many of the studies linking parenting style to Parenting styles and development essay development, little diversity is seen in the norming group.

Female caregivers with less education and income reported an Parenting styles and development essay in behavior issues and were seen to use more permissive parenting and authoritarian parenting styles.

Therefore the parent-child relationship is dependent not only on factors that will produce positive behavior but also will facilitate survival in a world that has layers that must be navigated in order to achieve the success of producing a socially competent individual.

There are a few ways that have been described in the molding of future adults. Associations with self-esteem, depression and lifesatisfaction. Cognitively, these traits lead to higher academic achievement.

Conclusion While there are four distinct parenting styles presented in this post, most parents do not fall into one specific category, but tend to blur the lines between two or more.

This is often the case in Asia, where parents and elders are given the utmost respect, and their authority is not questioned. Erberg, Querido, Warner, It is important to keep in mind that every parent child relationship is different, so there is not one sure fire way to go about parenting.

Culture is tied to spiritual beliefs, religious traditions, and moral values Santrock, With all due respect to the research Baumrind performed and the development of her parenting styles models.

Permissive parenting can have long-term damaging effects. Parenting styles is a model of parental control developed by Diana Baumrind. One of the most important traits to emulate in the authoritative parenting style is the open communication style with the child.

Authoritarian Authoritarian parenting, also called strict parenting, is characterized by parents who are demanding but not responsive. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

Cognitively, these children may not be as academically successful as their peers when placed in a child-centered learning environment. Although African American parents have been described as having a stricter parenting style similar to an authoritarian style, they must also have a variation of a more rigid authoritative parenting style.Of course, parenting styles will naturally need to differ in order to accommodate different children, While the structure and rules of an authoritarian parent are necessary for healthy child development, all good things can be overdone.

It is important to balance out the provided structure with open communication so the child knows exactly. Many factors play a role in development of a parenting style but particularly for African American parents you look at a mixture of parenting styles to facilitate survival.

Abstract A parenting style is a method or type of parenting which directly and indirectly influences the development of the child.

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Developmental psychologists study the physical, cognitive, social, intellectual, perceptual, emotional and personality growth and development that occurs throughout a lifetime.

Free Essay: Parenting Styles and Children's Development There are several parenting styles which guide children throughout their life. These parenting styles. Parenting Styles Essay Sample.

Before one even decides to become a parent, the question of “Will I be a good parent?” sinks in. There is no concrete definition of “good” parenting, as this is entirely subjective and depends on the religious, ethnic, cultural, and societal values to which the parent adheres.

Parenting Styles and Children's Development Essay Words | 6 Pages. Parenting Styles and Children's Development There are several parenting styles which guide children throughout their life.

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