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At a minimum, this poster must include the following: If the parents fail to designate a second physician, the department may make the selection. At the completion of the investigation, the department shall make a finding that the report of child abuse or neglect is founded or unfounded.

For the purposes of this subsection, the following definitions apply: Age of the alleged victim shall not be used as the sole criterion for determining case assignment; ii Allow for a change in response assignment based on new information that alters risk or safety level; iii Allow families Risk assessment assignment to family assessment to choose to receive an investigation rather than a family assessment; iv Provide a full investigation if a family refuses the initial family assessment; Risk assessment assignment Provide voluntary services to families based on the results of the initial family assessment.

Any single act of abuse that causes physical trauma of sufficient severity that, if left untreated, could cause death; any single act of sexual abuse that causes significant bleeding, deep bruising, or significant external or internal swelling; or more than one act of physical abuse, each of which causes bleeding, deep bruising, significant external or internal swelling, bone fracture, or unconsciousness.

A Poses a risk of "imminent harm" consistent with the definition provided in RCW Information considered privileged by statute and not directly related to reports required by this section must not be divulged without a valid written waiver of the privilege.

Violation of this subsection is a misdemeanor. The information obtained by child abuse reporting requirements, in addition to its use as a law enforcement tool, will be used to determine the need for additional funding to ensure that resources for appropriate governmental response to child abuse are available.

However, if at any time the department identifies risk or safety factors that warrant an investigation under this chapter, then the family assessment response case must be reassigned to investigation; vi Conduct an investigation, and not a family assessment, in response to an allegation that, the department determines based on the intake assessment: In no case shall the investigation extend longer than ninety days from the date the report is received, unless the investigation is being conducted under a written protocol pursuant to RCW The department shall provide assurances of appropriate confidentiality of the identification of persons reporting under this section.

Organizations that include employees or volunteers subject to the reporting requirements of this section must clearly display this poster in a common area. Upon request, the department shall conduct such planning and consultation with those persons required to report under this section if the department determines it is in the best interests of the child.

The department shall maintain a log of screened-out nonabusive cases. No one shall be required to report under this section when he or she obtains the information solely as a result of a privileged communication as provided in RCW 5.

However, if there is reasonable cause to believe other children are or may be at risk of abuse or neglect by the accused, the reporting requirement of subsection 1 of this section does apply.

Findings—Purpose—Severability—Conflict with federal requirements— c The legislature intends, however, to limit the circumstances under which department of corrections personnel are mandated reporters of suspected abuse or neglect to only those circumstances when the information is obtained during the course of their employment.

See notes following RCW If the department makes an oral report, a written report must also be made to the proper law enforcement agency within five days thereafter. The poster must be made available in both the English and Spanish languages.

The department shall also notify the ombuds of the disposition of the report. The legislature recognizes the current heavy caseload of governmental authorities responsible for the prevention, treatment, and punishment of child abuse. See note following RCW See notes following RCW 4.

The department shall also notify the guardian ad litem of the disposition of the report.

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Imminent danger, level of risk, number of previous child abuse or neglect reports, or other presenting case characteristics, such as the type of alleged maltreatment and the age of the alleged victim. The report must include the identity of the accused if known. The department shall inform the parents of their rights under family assessment response, all of their options, and the options the department has if the parents do not agree to participate in services.

In formulating its policy, the association shall consult with the department and the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs. If the allegation is investigated, parental notification of the interview must occur at the earliest possible point in the investigation that will not jeopardize the safety or protection of the child or the course of the investigation.

See note following RCW 9A. In all other cases, the department shall notify the law enforcement agency within seventy-two hours after a report is received by the department.

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Unless the child objects, the department or law enforcement agency shall make reasonable efforts to include a third party in any interview so long as the presence of the third party will not jeopardize the course of the investigation; and ii Shall have access to all relevant records of the child in the possession of mandated reporters and their employees.

If a family refuses voluntary services, and the department cannot identify specific facts related to risk or safety that warrant assignment to investigation under this chapter, and there is not a history of reports of child abuse or neglect related to the family, then the department must close the family assessment response case.

Children of all ages must be protected from child abuse. If the department determines that a parent or guardian is in the military, the department shall notify a department of defense family advocacy program that there is an allegation of abuse and neglect that is screened in and open for investigation that relates to that military parent or guardian.

Conflict with federal requirements— 3rd sp. In all other cases, the law enforcement agency shall notify the department within seventy-two hours after a report is received by the law enforcement agency.Academic Regulations.

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Enter the email address associated with your account. (b) When any person, in his or her official supervisory capacity with a nonprofit or for-profit organization, has reasonable cause to believe that a child has suffered abuse or neglect caused by a person over whom he or she regularly exercises supervisory authority, he or she shall report such incident, or cause a report to be made, to the proper law.

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Risk assessment assignment
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