Silabus introduction to literature

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You are allowed one late paper this semester, so save it for a real emergency. A student who engages in scholastic dishonesty may not drop the course.

I expect you to show respect for me and for your classmates. Please take special note: There is a list of behavioral policies contained in this book. Course calendar and related activities When. This is a general statement about people, society, human nature, relationships that is derived from specific events in the story.

It is subject to change if I feel a change should be made. Consequences for plagiarism range from failure for the assignment to expulsion from the college. It clearly states the controlling idea of the paper and projects the organization of supporting ideas to follow.

One-on-one tutoring from faculty is available from Misrepresenting identity in an online course Please see student handbook for more information Disability Statement Lackawanna College is an Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity institution. It thus involves selected readings, arranged by types.

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Please do your own reading and present your own critical thinking and analysis in all assignments. Child Development Center - D, Plagiarism Falsifying records related to coursework Forgery, alteration, misuse of any college document Tampering with the election of any college-recognized official Disruption or obstruction of teaching, research, administration, disciplinary proceedings, or college activities.

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The reading assignments are due on the day they are listed. Please note that disability services do not include exemption from participation requirements in courses considered part of the School of Distance Education, including online and hybrid courses.

How does each enhance meaning in the poem? Also be prepared to produce any research sources to verify that you used them responsibly.

Student Life - KSC, You will be given detailed prompts and assignment sheets well before the due date of each essay.Concourse. The online syllabus solution to organize, share, and analyze course information.

The primary focus of any literature course is the close examination of texts.

A literature course is in effect a critical reading course. Through close examination of texts, discussion of those texts with the instructor and fellow classmates, and frequent writing assignments, you.

ENH Introduction to Literature Section Online Official Start Date: Aug. 22, Welcome to Introduction to Literature! The purpose? All provisions in this syllabus are subject to revision by the instructor. Such revisions, if any, will be sent to you via e-mail. Note this departmentally developed course syllabus is intended for use by faculty, staff, and stakeholders in the College.

It is not intended to be handed out to students as a specific guide to their individual classes; however, students, as stakeholders may have access to it. Course Title: Introduction to Literature. Introduction to Literature is the study of short stories, poetry drama and the novel.

Students will study different elements such as theme, character, conflict, setting, language and tone and analyze fiction, drama and poetry by addressing these elements in the works studied. EnglishIntroduction to Literature I is a study of the main genres of literature: poetry, drama, and prose.

It thus involves selected readings, arranged by types. Required Textbooks and Supplies (You must buy these editions.).

Silabus introduction to literature
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