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The level course can be one design level lower than the lift above it. When using the Safety EdgeSM, the quantity of asphalt mix Superpave mix design increase by approximately 2 percent.

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If the assumption is wrong and not all the RAP binder releases, then we are low on asphalt. When major asphalt rehabilitation over existing concrete pavement is considered the existing pavement is rubblized prior to the asphalt overlay.

For final design, the designer should request estimate factors for anticipated rock formations from the District Construction and Materials Engineer to obtain more reliable results. We look at three basic steps: Other states allow for a range on design air voids, such as 3.

This includes shoulder paving unless the paved width of each shoulder exceeds 4 ft. One of them is the assumption that percent of the RAP binder releases and mixes with the new virgin binder. The special provision may be modified to require the established grade reference for a portion of a project if necessary.

Lower asphalt content can also mean the mix is harder to compact.

When VMA is lowered, you lower the asphalt binder content for a given air void level typically 4. When rubblization is used, the asphalt is paid for by the ton of mix necessary to obtain the thickness indicated by Construction and Materials. When payment is by the ton, estimate factors should be shown on the plans with a note "For Information Purposes Only.

Some states, in an attempt to get more binder in their mix, are designing at slightly less than 4. If this material should settle or be otherwise displaced in the future, however, the Safety EdgeSM would continue to provide a durable height transition to smoothly conduct vehicles back to the paved road.

For example, if an agency allows lowering the VMA by 0. Temperature at the average hot mix plant will usually not exceed degrees, and even less with warm mix additives. To avoid problems, mix designers should either design higher than the minimum, or add a modest amount of dust during the mix design to plan for the breakdown.

Many assumptions are made in the mix design process when utilizing RAP.

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In some instances, such as a badly warped pavement or very poor riding condition, the use of an established grade reference may be desirable. And when you lower the asphalt content, the mix becomes more economical but also less durable. This is why Superpave and most specifications require a minimum VMA, which should always be met.

There must be adequate subgrade support under old rigid pavements. However, it is my opinion that the percentage is likely less than that because most RAS is barely fluid at degrees Fahrenheit.

Because the RAS is not fluid, it is very likely the amount of RAS binder activated is much less than assumed in the mix design. Commercial mixtures are not permitted where Section or Superpave mixtures are specified.

Air voids Superpave has us designing mixes at 4.

If the existing pavement consists of asphalt over concrete the existing asphalt should be removed prior to rubblization. To understand proper VMA, we can go back to the s during the development of Superpave.

A critical component of Superpave mix design is the minimum VMA criteria for each different size mix. That mix may be slightly more economical to produce, but durability can suffer.Asphalt Materials and Mix Design Manual [Irving Kett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

The purpose of this manual is to familiarize industry and students with the technology of asphalt in its several forms namely asphalt cement. Superpave Mix Design 2 • Section objectives –Describe the Superpave gyratory compactor –Review the Superpave mixture requirements –Summarize the moisture sensitivity test Superpave Gyratory Compaction and Mixture Requirements Final Result Participant will know the principles of the SGC and what mix criteria are included in the Superpave.

A Superpave mix design includes several processes and decision points. First, design compaction levels are established and mate-rials are selected and characterized. Then, mixture samples are prepared and laborato-ry test results are compared to design crite-ria.

However, the existing Superpave design. HMA consists of two basic ingredients: aggregate and asphalt mix design is the process of determining what aggregate to use, what asphalt binder to use and what the optimum combination of these two ingredients ought to be.

When aggregate and asphalt binder are combined to produce a homogenous substance, that substance.

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a guideline for the design & construction of asphalt parking lots in oklahoma. oklahoma rides on us. PTI Manufactures Laboratory Asphalt Testing Equipment.


Pavement Technology represents a new and innovative addition to conventional and superpave hot-mix design .

Superpave mix design
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