The life and explorations of scottish explorer mungo park

Though all the Europeans who are with me should die, and though I were myself half dead, I would still persevere, and if I could not succeed in the object of my journey, I would at least die on the Niger. Park moved to Peebles, where he practiced as a doctor, having also fully qualified as a surgeon in The sole survivor was one of the slaves, from whom was obtained the story of the final scene.

The expedition did not reach the Niger until the middle of August, when only eleven Europeans were left alive; the rest had succumbed to fever or dysentery.

Their position being untenable, Park, Martyn, and the two soldiers who still survived, sprang into the river and were drowned. Amadi reports that Park gave him five silver rings, some powder and flints to give as a gift to the chief of the village. The African Association was a club dedicated to exploring West Africa.

He epitomized a new type of here, Kryza writes of a new type of European hero, the lone, brave African explorer who penetrates the heart of the continent with the sole purpose of finding out what is there to be found, whose tales of their own exploits soon "captured the imagination, fed the fantasies and filled the literature of Europe" [14].

Mungo Park: Fascinating Facts About The Historic Explorer

This time they merely asked Amadi for trinkets which Park supplied. This he christened H. He was educated at home before attending Selkirk grammar school.

Travel and History Mungo Park: At Sansandig Isaaco found the guide who had gone down stream with Park, and the substantial accuracy of the story he told was later confirmed by the investigations of Hugh Clapperton and Richard Lander.

The reason for the imprisonment is still unknown. In September he was summoned to London to leave on the new expedition; he left Scott with the hopeful proverb on his lips, "Freits omens follow those that look to them.

On his return journey, begun on July 30, he took a route more to the south than that originally followed, keeping close to the Niger as far as Bamakothus tracing its course for some miles.

Mungo Park (explorer)

Before his departure Park gave to Isaaco, a Mandingo guide who had been with him thus far, letters to take back to The Gambia for transmission to Britain.

At Sansandig on October 28, Anderson died, and in him Park lost the only member of the party - except Scott, already dead - "who had been of real use.

At Haoussa Amadi traded with the local chief. Vogel Early life Mungo Park was born in Selkirkshire at Foulshiels on the Yarrow, near Selkirk on a tenant farm which his father rented from the Duke of Buccleuch. The sole survivor was one of the slaves.

Mungo Park

In May Park returned to Foulshiels, where he made the acquaintance of Sir Walter Scottthen living near by at Ashesteil, with whom he soon became friendly. This is what is contained in one of the letters he wrote to the head of the Colonial Office. Part of the waiting time was occupied perfecting his Arabic ; his teacher, Sidi Ambak Bubi, was a native of Mogador whose behavior both amused and alarmed the people of Peebles.

He had been thought dead, and his return home with the news of the discovery of the Niger evoked great public enthusiasm. These attacks were all repulsed, Park and his party having plenty of firearms and ammunition and the natives having none. Maybe you also know this major piece of information we gave about him, but there are a lot more to learn about this significant personality.

This he christened H. As they went further in their journey, they were attacked by series of armed natives. In Park completed his medical studies at University of Edinburgh. One of the party died of sickness leaving "four white men, myself [Amadi], and three slaves".

It was extremely popular, has remained in print ever since and is also available online in Project Gutenberg. Their position being untenable, Park, Martyn and the two remaining soldiers sprang into the river and were drowned.

My hope is now approaching to a certainty.Mungo Park was a Scottish explorer who attempted to explore the true course of the Niger River. He is believed to have been the first Westerner to travel to the central portion of the Niger River.

Famous for his adventures on the hazardous explorations he undertook, he lost his life in his attempt to find the source of the Niger Of Birth: Selkirkshire.

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Name: Park ; Born: ; Died: ; Category: Explorers ; Finest Moment: Mapping the upper reaches of the Niger. Born 10 September at Foulshiels in the Yarrow Valley, Park was a neighbour and contemporary of the future Sir Walter Scott.

Mungo Park--a Scottish surgeon, and explorer--was sent out by the 'Association for Promoting the Discovery of the Interior of Africa' to discover the course of the River Niger.

Scottish explorer Mungo Park ventures into West Africa to find the Niger River and the legendary city of Timbuktu Posted by The Explorers Podcast Explorers is a regular podcast focusing on the great explorers in history.

Mungo Park (September 11, – ) was a Scottish physician and explorer of the African continent who explorations in the Niger area on behalf of the British African Association helped to open up vast territories for trade and colonization.

His exploits became iconic among explorers of Africa but while few doubt his courage and his.

The life and explorations of scottish explorer mungo park
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