The story of my body

I do not consider that I have a perfect body, but neither have I thought that I am in the other extreme. She reveals this context by telling the story of beauty where she lived.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. More essays like this: Most of us would think that our body and our identity are somehow contradictory, but the reality is another. No one took the time to even get to know Cofer because she was an anomaly.

I consider that image is important for first impressions, but nothing else. It was a sudden change when I started school. The first years of my life, I was fat and I liked it; I felt comfortable with my image and many of my relatives felt the same way. The majority of my classmates were skinny, athletic, and even taller.

Eventually I joined a swimming team and took Kung Fu classes. Drop the last few categories It took me almost four weeks to get adapted, by that time I had friends who made both classes a lot more enjoyable than before.

All the problems mentioned by Judith Ortiz are caused by the influence of the media. Color is also a way to attract and seduce a male.

Our country has a history of racism, and though it has progressed immensely, it is still not a fully resolved issue. Cofer uses skin, color, and looks to portray the ways people look upon prejudice.

I am convinced that is a matter of maturity too.

“The Story of My Body” by Judith Ortiz Cofer

In conclusion, media has a tremendous responsibility in their hands. Addictions do not only carry physical diseases but also mental. Why do we have insecurities? Judith also suggests that we can overcome all those erroneous judgments by showing other talents like writing.

We should care about it for sure, but limiting ourselves. It is sad that after all these years of fighting for equality we are still prejudice towards certain people of race, religiosity, or even just appearance.

She also explores her personal context in romantic relationships, as a Puerto Rican. The majority of the people are used to judge by appearance instead of personality, but what happens when our personality and appearance are directly connected?

Have you ever seen a beautiful, tall model walking hand in hand with a short, bald guy? Advertisers should realize this and invest some of their money with those people who have been affected. Our body and identity are both shaped by the media and influenced by some other elements of our society: Anorexia and bulimia are the most popular eating disorders among young women.

She continues through life, never giving up or deeming herself as worthless. I enjoyed how Ortiz opens her topic of color by relating it to the animal kingdom. The environment in which we live has its own definition of what beauty is.

No boys ever liked her because she appeared to have toothpick legs and a long neck. She picked at the pox on her face to try and remove them but it only left scars. She believes that her ethnicity shapes her dating life, for better or for worse. Society has always had an impact on the reason why we alter ourselves to fit their ideals, whether it be changing our hair color or an attempt at a ridiculous diet.

Judith mentions that this was a disadvantage in her school were the majority were white girls. Susan explains in her article that according to Freud, death is not the destruction of the self but it is a way to free all the unfulfilled anxieties.

Advertisers have created many different styles of what is considered beautiful. At the end of her story, Ortiz explains that all of her insecurities were just variable in her life; they constantly change.

That when she decided that she was a "brain. Some fear tiny creatures, such as insects or rodents, and others fear outcomes, such as grades or health results. I am just in the middle, and what is important is that I feel comfortable with myself. This idea is expanded and explained in two essays:Oct 24,  · “The Story of My Body,” by Judith Ortiz Cofer in Rereading America is a story about a young girl born of Puerto Rican descent and the struggles she lived with throughout the United States.

She started life out as “a pretty baby and learned to be a pretty girl from a pretty mother” (). “The Story of My Body” by Judith Ortiz Cofer I really enjoyed this article and appreciated the message of how the long term effects of discrimination and racism do not disappear.

Although she didn’t say it out right, I can make the connection of the long term scars of discrimination and racism to her permanent chicken pox scars. Story of my Body Navigating the self through different contexts Think about Judith Peurta Rico vs.

America Home vs.

The Story of My Body” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, and “Never Just Pictures” by Susan Bordo Essay Sample

School How is she perceived in these different contexts? How does she try to navigate herself? Think about different physical attributes that affect. Nov 23,  · The Story of My Body by Cofer Cofer explores her personal context by the color of her skin by telling a story about the local store.

One of the managers always thought that the "ethnic" children were going to steal things. The Story of My Body Summary. In Puerto Rico, the girl is considered white but in America she is brown, and she is in the minority no matter which country she's in.

body 1uM assumed in different contexts and cultures-the ways that differ­ ent societies have "read" the meanings ofher phYSical appearance, The story ofherbody becomes, to some extent, the story ofherlife, andwoven into the tale are int-rtguing comments on gender and on cross-cultured perception.

A native of Puerto Rico, Ortiz Cofer (b.

The story of my body
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