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Access to this collection is permanently restricted to individuals with a Campus-Wide Login. If you are preparing for final submission, your thesis will be reviewed more quickly if you submit directly to cIRcle rather than emailing it for review.

Please be sure you have thoroughly proofread your thesis before submitting. Any delay caused by correcting and re-submitting the thesis is your responsibility, and may cause you to miss important deadlines. Your thesis will be reviewed for formatting by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and approved for inclusion in cIRcle.

Note that you can cancel or save your submission at any time.

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This list has many, but not all subscripts, superscripts, math symbols, etc. Then click on the "Browse" button and locate the file on your computer.

It is your responsibility to submit a thesis in the correct format and allow time for revisions to be complete in order to meet Ubc circle thesis submission.

It will be either February, May, September, or November. If you would like to delay publication of your thesisyou must obtain approval from the Faculty of Graduate Studies before submitting your thesis. Please read the licence carefully. Your thesis has not been approved until you receive this email.

If staff notice egregious mistakes elsewhere in a thesis they may require them to be corrected in the interest of ensuring a professional presentation of the work.

Final Dissertation & Thesis Submission

It is your responsibility to meet all submission requirements. You may wish to review the options on the Creative Commons website before starting your final submission.

If the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has received your forms, your cIRcle account will be activated and you will receive an email confirming that you can now submit your thesis.

After you have made changes, log back in to cIRcle and re-submit your corrected thesis. Please make sure you use the same email address that you entered in cIRcle. The file name must be in the following format, all lower case: We recommend you submit your thesis a minimum of 3 - 5 days before any deadline, as corrections may be required.

This section is only for final, post-defence submission of theses and dissertations. Other files must be submitted separately to the Supplementary Materials collection.

Complete the Creative Commons Licence questions. You are encouraged to submit your thesis well in advance of deadlines. If you have questions, please contact the cIRcle staff.

Add your thesis information in the appropriate boxes and menus. Do not use your CWL. Uploading Electronic Creative Arts Theses for specific details and instructions. It may take up to three business days for your thesis to be reviewed. It is your responsibility to proofread your thesis carefully before submitting the final version, and to make sure that the thesis you submit is complete, accurate, and free of errors.

If the thesis does not meet formatting requirements it will not be approved. The PDF file must be compatible with Adobe Acrobat version 5, and must not be in "secured" format or password-protected.cIRcle is the University of British Columbia's digital repository for research and teaching materials created by the UBC community and its partners.

Materials in cIRcle are openly accessible to anyone on the web, and will be preserved for future generations. Learn more. May 31,  · Any request to delay publication must nbsp; Creative Arts Theses (MFA and MMus only) – UBC Graduate Studies only, you may choose to submit to the collection in cIRcle Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Creative Arts nbsp; Binding – UBC Graduate Studies – The University of British Columbia.

Important: This section is only for final, post-defence submission of theses and dissertations. cIRcle is the UBC Library's Information Repository. You will submit your thesis electronically through the cIRcle website.

Important: Once it has been approved by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and accepted by cIRcle, your thesis cannot be recalled. UBC graduate students began submitting their theses online via cIRcle, UBC’s digital repository, in falla practice that both simplified the submission process and also ensured the availability of this research to a global audience in a timely manner.

3 Theses and Dissertations All U graduate students are required to submit a copy of their thesis to U’s institutional repository (cIRcle), where it will be made available to the public.

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Ubc Thesis Electronic Submission – 108700

Final Dissertation & Thesis Submission; Final Dissertation & Thesis Submission. Newly Admitted; please contact the cIRcle staff. Your thesis will be reviewed for formatting by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and approved for inclusion in cIRcle.

Ubc circle thesis submission
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