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The next group of four columns provides White faculty headcount, disaggregated by rank full, associate, assistant, and all. In the right-hand column of the search results window, click Available in the Library under Resource Type filter, and then Dissertations under Format.

Selections from its executive summary follows. The final column in the table is the sum of all faculty in each department. This will limit results to physical copies of dissertations held in the IUP Libraries collections. Receptions and Reformations of an Ancient Model of Schooling.

A Speech Code of Support.

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Experiences, Thoughts, and Feelings of Parents. Self and Modernity in South Korean Homeschooling. From University of pennsylvania dissertations to Cooperation.

An Analysis of School Policies. For chemistry and chemical engineering faculties, additional national origin data revealed that recently, more immigrants had been hired as faculty than had American females and American minorities combined.

In most disciplines studied, the percentage of URMs among recent PhD recipients was significantly greater than their University of pennsylvania dissertations among assistant professors, indicating under-utilization; exceptions included civil engineering and mechanical engineering.

These graduate works will gradually appear in the USC Digital Library over the course of about two years until the project is complete in early Passing on a Goodly Heritage. Observed and self-reported childrearing in mothers with a history of sexual abuse About this collection In the Fall of the USC Libraries began accepting electronic-only deposit of dissertations and theses.

Implications for Public School Policy. These two systems are also sometimes referred to as Chicago-style citations, because they are the same as the ones presented in The Chicago Manual of Style.

Harding, Terrence John Arthur. The percentage of women in BS attainment in science and engineering continued to increase over time, but they were likely to find themselves without the female faculty needed for optimal role models.

For example, in psychology, An Issue of Access. A Legal Review and Analysis. Statutory and Constitutional Issues. An Investigation of the Use of Licensed Teachers. Linden, Norma Jean Freeman. Additionally, newly digitized older theses and dissertations continue to be added to this collection.

Consequently, they accurately reveal the small number or complete absence of underrepresented groups. In turn, the bank hired Davis, Dunlap and Barney, an architectural firm of former students of influential industrial architect Paul Philippe Cret, to design a new bank building.

To search our print collection, do the following: An Examination of Contemporary Practices. For example, in One set of bar graphs representation of women, of Blacks, of Hispanics, of Native Americans, of Asians, and of white males is given for assistant professors, which reveals trends in hiring.

There were a drastically disproportionate number of male professors as role models for male students. A Study of Homeschooled Mothers and Dissent.

Evangelical Mothers in the Homeschooling Movement. Harrison Pollock, Dorothy J. Davis, Sarah Jeanne Hollister.

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In the top 50 departments of chemistry and math, the percentage of Hispanic and Native American faculty among assistant professors was lower than among associate professors, revealing a decline in hiring those minorities. Summary table from the FY NDS comparing representation of Asians among faculty of different science and engineering disciplines.

A Qualitative Inquiry of Christian Homeschooling. Results of each NDS[ edit ] The FY Surveys have been completed, and a final written report with all data tables for this set of surveys are available in Chapter 2 of "Diversity in the Scientific Community Volume 1: Notes and Bibliography or Author-Date?

Home Schooling the School-Resistant Child.C. Lewis as the University’s Vice President for Budget and Management Analysis, effective July of the University of Pennsylvania and at Bryn Mawr Hospital. His innovations in childbirth dissertations and authored more than profes - sional publications.

He joined the Year Club. Burks, Karlin, "An Analysis of Principal Preparation Programs at Pennsylvania State Schools" (). Seton Hall University Dissertations and Theses (ETDs). Penn Dissertations in Classical Studies Penn Dissertations in Ancient History Department of Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania, Claudia Cohen Hall.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETDs) are required for all doctoral, masters, and baccalaureate degree programs with a thesis requirement at the University of Pittsburgh. ETDs allow opportunities for new forms of creative scholarship through use of interactive elements, multi-media, hyperlinks, and more.

Undergraduate. Students pursuing the English major at Penn study literature and culture across the full range of texts, from books and manuscripts to film and digital media. PhD and MA Graduate Admissions.

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In the fourth and fifth years they write their dissertations. The GRE School Code for the University of Pennsylvania is Although we do not have a department code, your GRE scores will be sent directly to us if you use the University code.

You may also have your scores mailed to: The University .

University of pennsylvania dissertations
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