Watchmen vs dark knight

A great example of this poor structure and editing is the first hour of the film. We might have tried to steer clear of what Frank had done or look at it from another direction and vice versa.

Reacting to their actions and compounding the situation are the drastic, unpredictable actions of The Joker, despicable acts that challenge the very moral fiber of our heroes as they make their hard choices. Both bands in later years admitted how much they were watching the other and how competition drove them.

Making it an opinion - YOUR opinion. It gives people hope, and stimulate a positive emotion, passion and determination. This issue even features two separate card inserts for an exclusive Lady Death action figure. Once again, you miss the point, but thank you for telling me I can post as little or as much as I like.

Why do you keep contradicting yourself? The action is top-notch, serviced by both amazing cinematography and musical scoring. If there is any justice in this world…no one. Originally posted by Dreampanther Then why, when I wish to do the same, namely express my opinion, do you revert to abuse and sixth-grade name calling?

Best Movie: Watchmen vs The Dark Knight Trilogy

Yeah, it was rock-star levels of fame, I think. I disagree because I disagree.

Watchmen vs. The Dark Knight

But just some wonderful, wonderful moments in there. From there, the situation spirals out of control climaxing in a tense, emotional scene between the three heroes of the film—a confrontation that leaves them battered, compromised, and unsure.

With me being such a fan of Batman 89 and Joker, its hard for me to say it was better than Watchmen for the simple fact that i feel that Watchmen stands alone in terms of comic book movies. All the characters have weaknesses, human fallibility.

Manhattan, Rorschach, and Nite Owl—newly introduced heroes who homage popular favorites with a fresh take.

Tim Burton's BATMAN vs Chris Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT

He hears the whole symphony in his head and he writes out all the parts and the artist or the orchestra is the interpreter of that and actually kind of realizes those notes and those marks and those suggestions and those chords, whereas Frank is more like a jazz virtuoso, a Miles Davis or something.

I would talk to Alan about what we were going to do, Alan would write the words, I would draw the panels and that was kind of done. The action is nicely staged and orchestrated for a surreal, comic book feel. For several years there, it was the only comics presence on many newsstands.

Therefore I googled Watchmen and found this interesting thread. And they are only obvious if you think, compare and contrast. It was Dave Gibbons. It is very dark, but much more deeper, incisive as well as insightful on human nature.


If you take my "name-calling" seriously then I suggest getting more than a sixth-grade backbone, pal. I think the double whammy of Dark Knight and Watchmen really did draw the attention of mainstream media and sort of pop culture—or just culture—outside of comics. The Standards include Basic Training a color lesson from Liquid!

Comic book showdown: Watchmen vs. Dark Knight Returns

To Kill, meaning the writers support heroes killing their enemies. Again, they are all my opinions, based on my personal taste and experience. The chart devoted to various sidekicks from the Golden Age, including Winky, Blinky, and Noddy, is also appreciated. Artist Better Green Lantern: It just cut down what was already there.

This is dropped an hour in yes an hour because you still have two hours to goreplaced by a mildly-interesting exploration of a god-like superhero and a numbingly-uninteresting romance between two washed-up heroes. Hardly ever been in the religion forum Watchmen vs dark knight my life.

The graphic novel of course hides the implausibility of their heroism in the typical comic book suspension of disbelief…but this is film, and it requires different rules.

How Synder missed this is beyond me. I can remember meeting up with Frank in San Diego when maaaaaybe Dark Knight had all come out or at least up to Issue 3 had come out.Tim Burton's BATMAN vs Chris Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT. Nicholson is a blast to watch and is very fun but that s just the problem: in the 20 years since the last movie incarnation (joyfully.

Again, if there is any justice, Watchmen's arrival as a media event will start the Jackie Earle Haley nomination ball work is just as strong - and sometimes stronger - than Ledger's. Sep 03,  · Best Answer: Watchmen isn't a graphic novel, it was a mini series same as The Dark Knight Returns.

With that in mind I choose "The Death of Captain Marvel", as the greatest graphic novel so-far (not of all-time).Status: Resolved. “The Dark Knight” doesn’t even have to try; it’s not in the same league as “Watchmen.” But I feel the difference in the quality of these two movies is found in comparing two scenes: “The Dark Knight” is a film about consequence.

A person that believes Watchmen is better than Dark Knight is out of his mind.

Watchmen (2009) -vs- The Dark Knight (2008)

there's lots of flaws in the trilogy i notice when i watch them. I didn't like many of the character, joker was. Nov 13,  · Gotham, a breeding ground for suffering and justice, must be destroyed. Batman, with an uneasy alliance with the Joker, must destroy Gotham, and wipe clean the city of filth it has become.

Watchmen vs dark knight
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