Which sensory receptor responds to more than one stimulus

This gives the eye a faceted appearance. This instigates a change in the electrochemical properties of the cell. Hearing receptors, or hair cells, are mechanoreceptors located within a bony spiral structure called the cochlea.

Its Dynamic range is the ratio between the highest and lowest values of a stimulus intensity, such as for sound or light. More information about the simple reflex arc is shown in Figure 2below.

With your fingers, lightly grip a fold of skin on your forearm, a stimulus you might consider as touch. Each receptor responds only to a stimulus that falls within a defined region, called its receptive field.

Sense Organs

In this way, a sensory "map" of the body surface is created on a section of the brain surface. The size of the stimulus can affect the number of receptors that respond, and the strength of the stimulus can affect how much they respond.

Graded responses of a muscle spindle receptor to stretch. On the other hand, they give very good responses to repeated stimuli, suggesting they may play a role in sensations of vibration. Visual information about jelly beans is incomplete.

To summarize, two-point discrimination depends on activating two separate populations of neurons, and in order to discriminate two closely placed points, the receptive fields of the neurons must be small. Their membranes contain particular protein molecules that are activated and change their shape when the appropriate physical force or chemical substance comes into contact with them.

Sensory processing includes all central acts of information processing, which link the initial stages of sensory reception with the creation of a subjective sensory precept.

In the Pacinian corpuscle, which shows an extreme of rapid adaptation, the adaptation is slowed considerably by removal of the lamellae and application of the stimulus directly to the nerve fiber. This integration of sensations allows us to experience an ice cube as both smooth and cold, or to feel that sand at the beach contains different sized grains and may be hot or cool.

What is the stimulus modality of information? Two identical stimuli applied in rapid succession at the same site result in a generator potential twice the size of that resulting from a single stimulus. In this context a stimulus is something that human sensory receptors are able to detect, e.

The axon is located in either shallow or deep skin, and may be encapsulated by specialized membranes that amplify pressure. Sensory information from different receptors is combined at higher brain levels Although individual receptors respond to only one type of stimulus, such as pressure or vibration, a stimulus in the real world almost always activates several kinds of receptors simultaneously.

2014 Sensory Physiology

The frequency that a particular hair cell responds to is its receptive field. The information may or may not be processed in the brain. Explore Time can occur either before the Class Experiment or before the "Try Your Own Experiment" activity, depending on the nature of the concepts under study.

Some types of stimuli are better suited for some types of information. Thus, to understand behavior we need to understand how organisms perceive their environment i.

Meissner corpuscles Table 1 Table 1: This means, for instance, that the CNS neurons receiving input from sensory receptors in the right thumb will have neighbor cells that receive input from the right index finger. Science classrooms that offer only guided activities with a single "right" answer do not help students learn to formulate questions, think critically, and solve problems.

Offer students the chance to create their own experiments While students do need direction and practice to become good laboratory scientists, they also need to learn how to ask and investigate questions that they generate themselves.

Still, other pheromones communicate ants to congregate. The remainder of the cell types in the taste bud has hair-like projections called microvilli that extend into a pore at the top of the taste bud. Sensation Receptors The neurons specialized to detect sensation are also called receptors because they are designed to receive information from the environment.

Figure shows how a receptor can conceptually be divided into a receptor region, a spike-generating region and a conducting region.

Animal Behavior/Sensory Biology

Pheromones maintain the cohesiveness and organization of the complex ant communities.Sensory Receptors An adaptive advantage of our complex nervous system When a constant stimulus is applied to a sensory receptor, it responds best initially, and the response then usually decreases perceiving pain in one area of the body when another.

Which sensory receptor responds to more than one stimulus? What were the different stimuli? Visceral Receptors - stopping blood flow, irritant chemicals, spasms of smooth muscles, and stretching of the tissue%(17).

On the arm, each sensory receptor gathers information from a much larger skin area than a receptor on the fingertip, and this receptor is also connected to a defined central neuron.

This central neuron, like the central "finger neuron", interprets all input as coming from one point, even though the skin area in this case is much larger.

The adequate stimulus for a particular receptor is the one that requires the least amount of energy to activate the receptor. Mechanoreceptors [ edit ] Hair Cells: Hair cells are sensory receptors that transduce physical forces into changes in electrical activity.

• A sensory receptor converts stimulus energy to a change in membrane potential, thereby The receptor protein that binds capsaicin responds not only to capsaicin but also to high temperatures (42°C or hotter).

A statocyst has a layer of ciliated receptor cells surrounding a chamber that contains one or more statoliths. Dec 19,  · The adequate stimulus is a property of a sensory receptor that determines the type of energy to which a sensory receptor responds with the initiation of sensory transduction.

Sensory receptor are specialized to respond to .

Which sensory receptor responds to more than one stimulus
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