Why women should vote by jane addams essay

In the States where women vote, there is far better enforcement of the laws which protect working girls. It cost Massachusetts women 55 years of effort to secure the law making mothers equal guardians of their children with the fathers.

Instead women in Chicago were selling food stuffs in open air where they were infested with dust and germs causing many diseases especially to children. None of these individuals agreed with Jane Addams on every public issue of the day, but all of them encountered in her a person who strove to be as democratic in her organizational style and programming as in her writing.

Unlike other women activist inside the later movement who had been criticizing the home-bound duty of women, Addams known that even from the increases urbanization, women had to play their rightful duties of taking care of their homes and their neighborhood.

Jane Addams

Toynbee Hall reflected all the currents of the day: Addams sacrificed her status as a beloved female figure when she challenged the bellicose climate of the day and criticized European belligerence, American preparedness efforts, and, ultimately, American participation in the war.

Jane Addams enrolled in Rockford Female Seminary, which was located thirty miles from her home in Cedarville, in the fall of At the height of a school board crisis inAddams told another board member that she simply could not understand "where all the emotion comes from" Addams to Anita McCormick Blaine, December 27,Jane Addams Memorial Collection.

She did it with tireless work in her neighborhood, in city, state, and national reform movements, and in the relationships she cultivated with people from all walks of life. Theodore Roosevelt recommended woman suffrage in his message to the New York Legislature.

For instance she argues that women must be given voting right in order to call for factory legislation and shop sanitation to protect majority of young women who were working there.

This experience turned her away from belief in individual heroism and toward the practice of cooperative democracy.

Why Women should Vote by Jane Addams Essay Sample

An ounce of fret is worth a ton of theory. This expansion gave Hull-House a physical and programmatic presence unequaled by any other settlement house in the nation. Addams post is a lot more concerned with analysis on the condition facing the society and also the role women could play if they are given voting rights.

I wish all history, social studies and government teachers would include the movie in their curriculum I want it shown on Bunco night, too, and anywhere else women gather.

Addams had founded Hull-House to provide young women and men, but especially young women, with an opportunity for creative, socially responsible work. At one level, hers was a privileged childhood. This subtle shift in emphasis emerged in her most prominent publications of the time: A less complete but still extensive bibliography of her writings can be found in John C.Jane Addams was an advocate of immigrants, the poor, women, and peace.

Author of numerous articles and books, she founded the first settlement house in the United States.

Her best known book, Twenty Years at Hull House, was about the time she spent at the settlement house. Why Women Should Vote () Jane Addams: However much they ministered to immigrants and the poor, or lobbied for child labor laws, factory inspection regulations, and civil service reforms, female reformers such as.

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Jane Addams: “Why Women Should Vote”

In the decade before Jane Addams (named Laura Jane Addams) was born, John Addams had become the richest man in the county, built the largest home in Cedarville, and won election to the Illinois State Senate on the new Republican ticket.

Why Women Should Vote -- an editorial from the Hearst Newspapers, written by Arthur Brisbane. Not dated, but probably about Why Women Should Vote -- an editorial from the Hearst Newspapers, written by Arthur Brisbane.

Not dated, but probably about Why Women Should Vote. - Jane Addams Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois on September 6, She grew up in Cedarville, but later moved to Chicago where she died on May 21, of cancer.

Being a woman, she made up about fifty percent of the population.

Why women should vote by jane addams essay
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